MAPE – Beach House – Punta Sal – Peru

“The most dangerous worldviews are the worldviews of those who have never viewed the world.”

Alexander von Humboldt


Punta Sal is a small touristic village located in the extreme North of Peru, approximately a hundred kilometers far from the border of Ecuador. It is situated on a long bay looking at the Pacific Ocean.

It is a place where the natural factors are strong and visible. Tangent to the coast passes a current coming from the South Pole and called after the name of the geographer who discovered it, Alexander von Humboldt. It brings a wide variety of fishes and animals of different species.

Because of the low temperature of the waters, there is little creation of clouds and rain. The area is then mostly dry. It is called Sechura desert, and it continues South for thousands of kilometers and beyond the borders of Chile.

Promenades along the bay are privileged moments to observe this extreme environment.  There’s a lot of life and… a lot of death to see. 

Fishermans have opportunities of any kind. As well as the birds of prehistoric sizes that fly and hit the surface of the water in search of food. It’s common to see turtles of monumental sizes, but also whales or dolphins, jumping over the wild waves or laying on the beach on a last breath. The spectacle of life is available, in its full fashion or drama.

Project MAPE is a retreat at the end of the world. A kaleidoscope in rough concrete from which to observe this spectacular environment. 

In March 2020 the construction of project MAPE was close to completion but put on hold because of the spreading of the virus Covid 19. In the meantime, we’ve almost lost our carpenter, but we did not. We schedule to restart the works in May 2021.