MAPE – Beach House – Punta Sal – Peru

“The most dangerous worldviews are the worldviews of those who have never viewed the world.”

Alexander von Humboldt


Punta Sal is a small touristic village in the extreme North of Peru. Approximately 100km far from the border of Ecuador. It is situated on a long bay looking at the Pacific Ocean.

The streets of Punta Sal are dusty so it is more convenient to move along the beach for the people staying there.

These promenades make you understand what is so astonishing of this place. Under your feet, into the apparent smooth sand, are millions of microscopic shells and crabs moving around.

The look at the sea is not less impressive. Birds of prehistoric sizes hit the surface of the water looking for food.

From a boat you can even see turtles and whales. Fishermans have opportunities of any kind. The spectacle of life there is amazing.

We have had the luck of building here a refuge in this end of the world. Project MAPE, still under construction, is thought to be a rough kaleidoscope from which to observe this spectacle of life.

In March 2020 the construction of project MAPE is close to completion but, temporary, on hold because of the spreading of the virus Covid 19.

The photos here below have been taken during our visit on site on December 2019.