MABO – Villa extension – Nyon – Switzerland

« When I go out into the countryside and see the sun and the green and everything flowering, I say to myself « Yes indeed, all that belongs to me! »

Henri Rousseau


main photos by Matthieu Gafsou / construction photos by CATW

MABO is a project for the extension of a beautiful villa from the 70s, in a residential village close to Nyon, not far from Geneva. It will be a space for hosting elegant dinners and displaying pieces of art. 

Ironically, thinking at the name of our office, the materials chosen for the interiors are simply concrete and wood, which have been worked in their form and texture. 

About the forms.  They respond to the site and adapt to its specificities. So, a “tight “and small volume is defined on the North, protecting from the views of the street, and a bigger volume grows in the West and South directions. Establishing an open and direct relationship with the garden and getting most of the sunlight.