LAJA – installation – Lausanne – Switzerland


Cover and first illustration by Fichtre ↑→

Plans and text by Yellow Office

In this era of climate change and natural disaster, we believe that understand how to develop a possible coexistence between Nature and Architecture in the City has become crucial. For this reason we propose to design this Coexistence through the drawing of a new space in which Objects/Architecture, the Columns, and Nature, the Flowers, come together in a new shared scenario.

The blossoming Columns represent for us a manifesto of this ambition and they are supposed to build this New Order. We are creating an open air room surrounded by eight blossoming columns. The sky of the Galfetti circular courtyard could enter in this new frame in a new fluid way, reflecting the light and a new life on the flowery patterns. Our goal is to combine Design, Culture and Nature in a very precise and direct way.

Eight columns, at the center of the court, frame a circular space of 5 meters in diameter. The columns have a variable height that grows exponentially from every column to each other of 25 centimeters. In this rotation to an upper level we start from a column high 225 cm until the last one that is 400 cm.

This growing scenario allows to create a sort of cinematic effect that produces different perceptions and views. In this way our New Living Order and Ornament could amplify more the idea of Time and the one of continuous becoming.

Each column has a concrete pottery base, 50 cm high, decorated with green color and studded by yellow inerts that look like golden gems. The columns structure consists of a steel rods frame with a diameter of 18 mm. To this structure is hanged a double system of 5×5 cm stainless steel mesh panels coupled to a polypropylene mulching sheet that encloses a 8 cm layer of soil.

We choose to use annual flowering plants like Viola tricolor L., Begonia semperflorens, Impatients walleriana of different colors (white, pink, yellow, purple and red). Our plant choice is connected with the idea to have a constant flowering for almost the entire duration of the event. To obtain the required blossoming pattern we plan to have a density of 100 plants/m². The total green area of ​​the installation is around 47 m² (Begonia semperflorens 11.5 m², Impatients walleriana 8.1 m², Viola tricolor L. 27.5 m²).

We provide a drip irrigation system inside each column that guarantees the correct supply of water to the plants.